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Rusty Sword Icon.png Rusty Sword Balanced Blade Icon.png Balanced Blade Twin Daggers Icon.png Twin Daggers Nutcracker Icon.png Nutcracker Blood Sword Icon.png Blood Sword Spartan Sandals Icon.png Spartan Sandals Oiled Sword Icon.png Oiled Sword Broadsword Icon.png Broadsword Assassin's Dagger Icon.png Assassin's Dagger Frantic Sword Icon.png Frantic Sword Cursed Sword Icon.png Cursed Sword Shovel Icon.png Shovel Spite Sword Icon.png Spite Sword Valmont's Whip Icon.png Valmont's Whip Wrenching Whip Icon.png Wrenching Whip Impaler (Weapon) Icon.png Impaler Sadist's Stiletto Icon.png Sadist's Stiletto War Spear Icon.png War Spear Rapier Icon.png Rapier Spiked Boots Icon.png Spiked Boots Hayabusa Boots Icon.png Hayabusa Boots Hayabusa Gauntlets Icon.png Hayabusa Gauntlets Torch Icon.png Torch Symmetrical Lance Icon.png Symmetrical Lance Swift Sword Icon.png Swift Sword Meat Skewer Icon.png Meat Skewer Giantkiller Icon.png GiantkillerRotG Shrapnel Axes Icon.png Shrapnel Axes Seismic Strike Icon.png Seismic Strike Flawless Icon.png Flawless Vorpan Icon.png Vorpan Tentacle Icon.png Tentacle Flint Icon.png Flint Flashing Fans Icon.png Flashing FansTBS Scythe Claw Icon.png Left Scythe Claw Icon.png Scythe ClawTBS Rhythm n' Bouzouki Icon.png Rhythm n' BouzoukiTBS Crowbar Icon.png Crowbar Snake Fangs Icon.png Snake FangsFF Iron Staff Icon.png Iron StaffFF Ferryman's Lantern Icon.png Soul Shot Icon.png Ferryman's LanternFF Hattori's Katana Icon.png Hattori's Katana Tombstone Icon.png Tombstone Oven Axe Icon.png Oven Axe Toothpick Icon.png Broken Toothpick Icon.png ToothpickRotG
Beginner's Bow Icon.png Beginner's Bow Multiple-nocks Bow Icon.png Multiple-nocks Bow Throwing Knife Icon.png Throwing Knife Electric Whip Icon.png Electric Whip Firebrands Icon.png Firebrands Frost Blast Icon.png Frost Blast Bow and Endless Quiver Icon.png Bow and Endless Quiver Marksman's Bow Icon.png Marksman's Bow Infantry Bow Icon.png Infantry Bow Quick Bow Icon.png Quick Bow Ice Bow Icon.png Ice Bow Heavy Crossbow Icon.png Reload Icon.png Heavy Crossbow Repeater Crossbow Icon.png Quiver of Bolts Icon.png Repeater Crossbow Hokuto's Bow Icon.png Hokuto's Bow Ice Crossbow Icon.png Piercing Shot Icon.png Ice Crossbow Explosive Crossbow Icon.png Cross Hit Icon.png Explosive Crossbow Nerves of Steel Icon.png Nerves of Steel Alchemic Carbine Icon.png Alchemic Carbine Lightning Bolt Icon.png Lightning Bolt Fire Blast Icon.png Fire Blast Ice Shards Icon.png Ice Shards Pyrotechnics Icon.png Pyrotechnics Boomerang Icon.png Boomerang The Boy's Axe Icon.png The Boy's AxeRotG War Javelin Icon.png War JavelinRotG Magic Missiles Icon.png Magic MissilesRotG Hemorrhage Icon.png HemorrhageRotG Sonic Carbine Icon.png Sonic CarbineRotG Blowgun Icon.png BlowgunTBS Barrel Launcher Icon.png Barrel Launcher
Old Wooden Shield Icon.png Old Wooden Shield Greed Shield Icon.png Greed Shield Cudgel Icon.png Cudgel Rampart Icon.png Rampart Bloodthirsty Shield Icon.png Bloodthirsty Shield Assault Shield Icon.png Assault Shield Parry Shield Icon.png Parry Shield Punishment Icon.png Punishment Knockback Shield Icon.png Knockback Shield Spiked Shield Icon.png Spiked Shield Force Shield Icon.png Force Shield Front Line Shield Icon.png Front Line Shield Thunder Shield Icon.png Thunder ShieldRotG Ice Shield Icon.png Ice Shield
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