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Well, look who it is...

The Collector is an NPC in Dead Cells. He invites the player to give him cells and blueprints in return for new items and more power. Purchases from the Collector carry over through each run.


There are four types of upgrades: general improvements, Mutations, Weapons, and Skills. In addition to equipment, the player can also find blueprints for outfits, which will change their appearance, which can all be found at the Tailor.


First encounter[]

  • "Well, look who it is..."
  • "I'm the collector, and I'm about the closest thing you'll find to decent company around here."
  • "Bring me the CELLS you gather from the others. In exchange, i'll procure a few useful little items for you..."
  • "Should you stumble upon a BLUEPRINT, bring it to me and I will introduce you to some more... experimental items."


  • According to the Blacksmith and the Tailor's quotes, the Collector appears to have connections with them.
  • The Collector shares a similar leg structure with the Bomber enemy. Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.
  • He cannot be found in the Hell Difficulty, being replaced with his apprentice, who is functionally identical to him.


  • 0.0: Introduced.