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This article contains spoilers regarding the true ending of the game. Discretion is advised.

I want to try some of the... uh... stuff written there.

The Collector's Apprentice is an NPC that replaces the Collector in Passages if the player is on BSC 5 Hell difficulty. They share all of the functionality for buying and upgrading items that the Collector does.


Upon first entering the Collector's room when 5 Boss Stem Cells are active:

  • "Hello there! I was waiting for you."
  • "Someone keeps leaving weird books all around the island."
  • "I want to try some of the... uh... stuff written there."
  • "But I need cells, the sort you’re carrying, for the experiments."
  • "Bring me some, and I will help you in exchange, would ya darling?"


  • As mentioned in the patch notes and evident in the update banner, the Collector's Intern is of the same species as Guillain.
    • Despite being named as his intern, they are not directly relevant to the Collector himself, as they work independently on experiments.
  • The Intern was added to allow players to spend cells with blueprints on Hell difficulty. Prior to their addition, players were forced to switch to a lower difficulty in order to unlock items.
  • One of their quotes imply that the Collector is supposedly an author on Malaise research.


  • 2.3: Introduced.