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This article contains spoilers regarding the true ending of the game. Discretion is advised.

The Collector's Intern is an NPC that replaces the Collector in Passages if the player is on BSC 5.png Hell difficulty. They share all of the functionality for buying and upgrading items that the Collector does.


Upon first entering the Collector's room when 5 Boss Stem Cells are active:

  • "Hello there! I was waiting for you."
  • "Someone keeps leaving weird books all around the island."
  • "I want to try some of the... uh... stuff written there."
  • "But I need cells, the sort you’re carrying, for the experiments."
  • "Bring me some, and I will help you in exchange, would ya darling?"


  • As mentioned in the patch notes and evident in the update banner, the Collector's Intern is of the same species as Guillain.
    • Despite being named as his intern, they are not directly relevant to the Collector himself, as they work independently on experiments.
  • The Intern was added to allow players to spend cells with blueprints on Hell difficulty. Prior to his addition, players were forced to switch to a lower difficulty in order to unlock items.
  • One of their quotes imply that the Collector is supposedly an author on Malaise research.


  • 2.3: Introduced.