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I'm the new doctor.

The Doctor is an NPC that provides the player with aspects at the start of a run.

The Doctor is of the same chameleon/goblinlike race as other NPCs like Guillain, the Blacksmith's Apprentice and the shopkeepers.


First encounter[]

  • "Hello! I just arrived here!"
  • "I'm the new doctor."
  • "I noticed that you've been having a hard time surviving on the island and I'm looking for a new guine... ahem... collaborator, to help me with some experiments! I call them Aspects."
  • "They are incredible enhancements, designed to make their host much stronger."
  • "Would you like to try one? Come on, it's free!"
  • "I mean, I owe you that much, considering that I developed them using your corp... errrm, I mean, some old stuff that I found laying around."
  • "Oh and come back often! I tend to develop new Aspects with each new... delivery of material!"

Subsequent encounters[]

  • "Howdy, science friend! How are we going to enhance you today?"
  • "Over here! Come give your body to science!"
  • "My other collaborators? Let's just say that they... HAD to quit."


  • The Doctor can only be found in the starting area when the player has started their third consecutive run.



  • 2.5: Introduced.