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Roses are red and violets are blue. I’m dead and soon you'll be too.

The Scarecrow is the second tier 2 boss in the game and is an alternative to the Time Keeper and The GiantRotG. He is encountered in the MausoleumFF, the paths of which requires wearing the Cultist Outfit Icon.png Cultist OutfitFF to open the gate to the Undying ShoresFF for the first time. His boss room can be accessed from the Undying ShoresFF or the CavernRotG.

Requires the Fatal Falls DLC.


First phase[]

In 1+ BSC, the Scarecrow goes straight to the second phase.

Scythe swing

  • Description: The Scarecrow runs up to the player and swings out with a scythe.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.

Seed planting

  • Description: The Scarecrow throws two or three seeds across the platform that will sprout mushrooms. Interacting with these mushrooms will cause them to explode soon after. Before exploding, a red aura will appear as a warning signal to the player.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.

Shovel swing

  • Description: The Scarecrow swings burrows underground and periodically pops out to attack the player with a big shovel.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.

Flying sickles

  • Description: The Scarecrow jumps up and summons two flying sickles that will fly in an arc reaching the limits of the chamber. He then smashes downwards on the platform and his sickles return to him shortly after.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.

Acid rain

  • Description: Vines will sprout from the Scarecrow and allow him to be suspended. He will then summon a watering can and follow the player, raining down purple acid that will inflict high damage upon contact.
  • Can be dodge rolled.
  • Be particularly careful not to be bounced upward into it.

Second phase[]

At 50% HP, the Scarecrow speeds up and gets an extra attack.

Pitchfork jab

  • Description: Vines will sprout from the Scarecrow which allows him to be suspended in the air. From there, they will move horizontally and stab downwards in an attempt to stab the player. After each stab, a JerkshroomTBS will be spawned at the location where the pitchfork hit the ground.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.
  • Be careful with the JerkshroomTBS that was just spawned, as it may be a slight element of chaos when trying to avoid other attacks.







  • Since the Scarecrow's scythe swings increase in number throughout the boss fight, being able to parry each swing will be essential to take the least amount of damage possible during this boss fight.
    • This is especially true for shields like the Rampart Icon.png Rampart and Punishment Icon.png Punishment since their effects will be activated on each and every parry you make.
  • The Scarecrow has relatively low defense and HP, so very high dps weapons that can out speed him, such as the Meat Skewer Icon.png Meat Skewer or Sadist's Stiletto Icon.png Sadist's Stiletto, with proper synergy, can make very quick work of the boss.
    • Because of this speed, slower weapons, such as the Scythe Claw Icon.png Scythe Claw. can struggle, so mutations that can speed up attacks such as Kill Rhythm Mutation Icon.png Kill Rhythm can be exceptionally helpful when dealing with the rapid attack onslaught, especially when complimented with a shield.


The Scarecrow was once the Royal Gardener who worked at Arboretum until it was taken over by the new inhabitants from the malaise. Additionally, The Gardener was under the protection of the Crown.

When the malaise struck, not only did the dead rise, but also the plants. The royal gardener would do his experiments such as trapping infected into a large tree connected to a flask with a skull of a giant crow mixed with various mashed organs, entrails, and local roots.

The king had ordered the gardener to have the arboretum burned to the ground, though the gardener ignored these orders. He was also warned by Castaing (the concierge before succumbing to the malaise) in written letter to follow his orders or he would be fed to the ticks in the Morass. The gardener was then stripped of the crowns protection and the king ordered his men to burn the Arboretum, and ignore the gardener's protests, as he wasn't under the crown's protection. This order wouldn’t be carried as the soldiers were killed by the mutated mushrooms in Arboretum.

The Gardener was then infected with the Malaise and died in the Prison Quarters with the key to the Arboretum. After the player takes the key from the gardener and visits the Arboretum, the gardener's body disappears.

The now alive but sick Gardener visited the Arboretum again and wrote a letter which said that he was alive again, but he could feel the effects of the Malaise changing him. He journeyed towards the Morass of the Banished, whose inhabitants greeted him with open arms. Evident in another letter stating the natives of the Morass were "stunningly friendly". The Swamp Priest of the Morass helped concocted a potion from local herbs which the Gardener thought would help him, but it only seemed to have induced stomach pain. He had also learnt that the "Mama" the natives worship likes flowers.

The Gardener continued towards the Fractured Shrines, The gardener hoped ‘her’ (the queen of the shrines) people would help, but they couldn't recognize him any longer. He writes about it in a journal and makes his way to the Undying Shores, where the "Apostates' Hideout" isn't far. He doubts if they would accept strangers during this difficult time.

Once he reached the shores he records in a note that the Apostates' "didn't fare any better than the rest of us". The Gardener's illness has reached to an extent that his moments of consciousness become rarer and rarer. He had initially planned on reaching the lighthouse visible in the background of the Shores, but with his sickened state, he knew he wouldn't make it. Again in his note, he says, 'maybe i'll find a decent place to rest down there.' Referring to the mausoleum where he would finalise his transformation into the scarecrow.






  • 2.2: Introduced.

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