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A great choice, it really brings out your eyes.

The Tailor is an NPC in Dead Cells. He is the owner of a shop right beneath the Scribe's location before the room with the three starter items in the Prisoners' Quarters.

The Tailor will change the player's outfits for free, but its shop only becomes available once the player has unlocked at least one outfit with the Collector.


First encounter[]

  • "At last!"
  • "Come closer! I won't cut you, don't worry."
  • "I'm the tailor. I can fix you up with some proper clothes!"
  • "I struck a... deal with our mutual friend, the Collector."
  • "You bring him the templates and I will craft it for you!"

Changing outfits[]

The Tailor compliments your choice of outfit:

  • "FA-BU-LOUS!"
  • "If only Karl could see you!"
  • "You look... SPLENDID!"
  • "A great choice, it really brings out your eyes."


  • The Karl referenced in the dialogue may be Karl Lagerfeld, a Paris-based German fashion designer.



  • 1.2: Introduced.