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Fortius quo fidelius
This place doesn't appear on any map of the kingdom. Yet here it is.
Some demented esoteric enjoyers pretend that pocket dimensions exist. They never explain what it means, though.
There's more riches here than you've ever imagined in your entire life, 100 times, squared. And then some.
How the employees and patrons of this place can bear all that marble everywhere is beyond comprehension.

The Bank Flag

The Bank is a special biome which is based on and houses several unique interactions with Gold. It is distinct from other biomes in that its entrance can generate at almost any random Passage once per run, and its item levels, enemy composition and stats, as well as scroll counts, are based on other biomes that were accessed from the passage in which its entrance generated.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

Bank Chest

Chest used to enter the Bank when encountered inside a Passage.

The Bank is accessed via a chest that is guaranteed to appear in a Passage (specifically any that do not lead to a boss) during a run. To enter the Bank, the chest must be entered the first time it is encountered in a Passage. If skipped, it will not appear again for the remainder of that run. This chest can only appear after entering the Throne Room or The CrownTQatS at least once.

If the player chooses to enter the Bank, it will replace the biome(s) from that stage, it does not act as an extra biome.

When exiting the bank the transition stage will have all exits that are available in the biome(s) that was/were replaced and the player has visited before.

Bank floors[]

The Bank has 4 floors, 3 of which requiring a different colored pass to access. The first pass, the Red Pass IconRed Pass, is given to the player at the start of the Bank by the Bank Teller, and the subsequent passes are accessed within each floor, except for the bottom floor.

The bottom floor is guarded by a normal gold door, requiring to pay a sum depending on the amount of gold the players holds starting at 2000 or simply breaking it for 15 curse points to access. The bottom floor always contains a Food Shop.

Level characteristics[]


The amount of scrolls is dependent on which stage the player enter the bank. The Bank will contain one less scroll than the "best" biome that's being replaced, i.e. the one with the most Scrolls of Power on the ground (scrolls from Cursed Chests don't count). It will also contain a guaranteed cursed chest. For example, if the "best" replaced biome has 4 scrolls, the Bank will have 3 scrolls and a cursed chest.

  • Stage 4 biomes (Stilt Village, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard, and Fractured ShrinesFF)
    • 2 Scrolls of Power and 1 Dual Scroll + 1 curse chest. On (3+ BSC) there is a bonus Scroll of Power. On 3 BSC, there will be 1 Scroll Fragment, and on 4+ BSC there will be 2 Scroll Fragments.
    • This is the only stage that contains less Scroll Fragments than the biome with the most Scroll Fragments.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

The bank will have the highest gear level of the biomes it replaces.

Loot and shops[]

Main level[]

At the start and throughout the Bank are ATMs that can be used to loan gold (if not cursed and door to the exit haven't been opened yet). Each loan grants 2,000 gold per use to a maximum of 20,000. At the end of the Bank, all the loaned gold must be paid back, and any debt that can't be payed back gives the player 10-kill curse per 2,000 gold.

  • 2 weapon or skill shops.
  • 1 food shop.

At least one shop in the Bank is always a 'Mimic shop'. These shops look like normal shops but when attempting to buy an item, the shopkeeper is consumed by a Mimic and attacks the player. Killing the mimic drops an item that is two levels higher than the original item, or two pickups instead of one if it was a food shop.

The jumping puzzle will continue to generate after unlocking the blueprint and have a treasure chest containing a huge amount of gold and some cells.

Boss Stem Cells rewards[]

There are no BSC doors in this biome.

Exclusive blueprints[]

The blueprint for the Gentleman's Outfit IconGentleman's Outfit can be found at the end of an obstacle course featuring traps and hazards. The player needs to reach the end without taking damage to acquire the blueprint, or they will be sent back to the start of the segment.

Enemy blueprints[]


In the Bank, there are four unique enemies: Agitated Pickpockets, Gold Gorgers, Golden Kamikazes, and Mimics.

This biome has a unique feature where specific enemies from biomes that the bank replaces spawn inside the biome. Below is a list of what enemies will spawn depending which stage the bank replaces.

  • The table below lists which enemies are present in the Bank on each difficulty level and which blueprints each may drop. When applicable, the minimum difficulty level for blueprint acquisition is specified.

    Enemy Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
    Agitated Pickpocket Dagger of Profit, Robber Outfit
    Gold Gorger Gold Digger, Midas' Blood
    Golden Kamikaze Money Shooter
    Mimic Gold Plating, Get Rich Quick



    At the entrance of the bank is a waiting room filled with dusty and cobweb covered skeletons.

    The beheaded remarks:

    • "These people died of waiting for too long... It must have been such a drag!"

    Destroyed Bags[]

    Bank Bags room

    A room can be found with ripped and cut bags.

    • "Pile of ripped bags."
    • "Heap of punctured bags."
    • "Someone violently tore the merchants' bags open with a large variety of weapons."
    • "They must really hate containers."
    • "These bags have been pierced in multiple places. They seem to be empty."

    Hiding Guillain[]

    Bank Hiding Guillain

    In a secret tunnel connected to the previous room a guillain can be found hiding.

    • "Ahhhhhhh!"
    • "Ah, you're not one of them! You scared me!"
    • "It ate him! Swallowed him whole!"
    • "So I killed them all. And not just the large ones, but the medium and small ones."
    • "Every bag I could find. But I know some survived. They are still here. They will eat us all..."


    Bank Archives

    A room can be found with multiple levels of book shelves. At the entrance sits a librarian Guillain on a huge pile of books

    • "Shhhhh!"

    A few scrolls can be read in the room:

    Security notice[]

    A security notice for the Bank's staff.

    • "Don't put food close to the merchants' bags, they seem to have been compromised."
    • "What does a bag eat, though?"

    The Philosopher's Stone: A history[]

    • "A treatise on the Philosopher's Stone. Only the last page remains."
    • ".. That's how you can find the mythical Philosopher's Stone. What a journey!"

    The Wealth of Kingdoms[]

    • "An economy textbook. It seems to be the only book in the room to have ever been opened."
    • "What's with that invisible hand? What do ghosts have to do with economy?!"

    An old book[]

    • "An old, dusty tome. It looks like it hasn't been used since its addition to the archives."
    • "Its title is partially unreadable. Only \"The Cap...\" and a photo of one of those small green people with an impressive beard can be identified."

    Birthday Guillain[]

    Bank Birthday Guillain

    A room can be found festively decorated. A guillain can be found along with a piggy bank the player can interact with to add money. When adding money the guillain becomes happy. It's also possible to destroy the piggy bank and take the gold inside which will make the guillain cry.




    • The scroll "The Wealth of Kingdoms" is a reference to "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.
    • The old tome with a bearded guillain is a reference to Karl Marx.
    • The Hiding Guillian’s dialogue, "So I killed them all. And not just the large ones, but the medium and small ones.", is a reference to Anakin Skywalker’s dialogue on killing the village of Tusken Raiders in Star Wars: Attack of The Clones.
      • This dialogue, as well as the room full of destroyed bags and the security notice, is likely also hinting at the existence, and seeming invasion, of Mimics within the Bank.
    • The elevator has 4 different 'elevator music' style remixes of tracks that loop, interluded with some static noises similar to switching old fashioned radio stations.
      • Main theme
      • Prisoner's Awakening
      • Pan Master Slash
      • ClockTower


    • 2.8: Introduced.