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Toxic Miasmas are enemies encountered in the Corrupted Prison.


Toxic Miasmas have two attacks. If the player is too close, it attempts an area of effect stab while at range it fires an arcing projectile.

Toxic Miasmas are naturally capable of teleporting to the player.


Charged spikes

  • Description: Gathers together in a pillar charging the attack, slams down and spikes outwards.
  • Can be blocked, parried and dodge rolled.
  • The range of the attack is visible while the attack is charging.




  • Description: Spits a projectile in an arc.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.




  • Description: Disappears in the ground and reappears near the player.
  • Can teleport across platforms.




Toxic Miasmas have heavy hitting attacks that could be detrimental to a player if they connect, so take caution when fighting them. Both its spike attack and ranged attack can be parried and dodged by rolling. Its attacks are slow and heavily telegraphed, making it easily readable what it’s next move will be. However, their projectile goes much faster than what it seems like while also traveling in an arc, so be careful when attempting to parry it. Baiting out their slow attacks and responding with a parry or counterattack can greatly help defeating them.


  • Before it was implemented, the enemy was referred to as the "Screwdriver" by the developers.
  • This enemy is made from entirely traditional spritework, as opposed to the 3D into 2D look most other enemies have.


  • 1.8: Introduced.

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