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Effect Scaling

Most deployable skills scale with Skill Stat.png Tactics, although a few also scale with Strength Stat.png Brutality or Health Stat.png Survival.

List of Deployables

Below is a list of all deployable skills that can be found within the game.

Icon Name Description Blueprint location Base damage Base cooldown Scaling
Double Crossb-o-matic Icon.png Double Crossb-o-matic Shoots at 2 nearby enemies at the same time. Each shot inflicts 45 DPS. Drops from Zombies (0.4%) 45 DPS
9 damage
10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Sinew Slicer Icon.png Sinew Slicer Fires spinning blades at nearby enemies, inflicting bleeding (10 DPS for 1.5 sec). Always unlocked 20 DPS
3.3 damage
10 seconds Str Skill.png
Heavy Turret Icon.png Heavy Turret Shoots at nearby enemies. You inflict +15% more damage if you're near the turret. Drops from Slashers (0.4%) 55 DPS
55 damage
10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Barnacle Icon.png Barnacle Shoots enemies who pass beneath it. Drops from Thornies (1.7%) 52 DPS
19.8 damage
10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Flamethrower Turret Icon.png Flamethrower Turret Burns nearby enemies (18 DPS for 2 sec). Drops from Shockers (0.4%) 18 DPS
12 seconds Str Skill.png
Cleaver (Skill) Icon.png Cleaver Inflicts bleeding (6 DPS for 1.8 sec) on enemies that walk over it. Drops from Runners (1.7%) 50 DPS
8 seconds Strength Stat.png
Wolf Trap Icon.png Wolf Trap Launches 2 traps that root enemies increasing damage they take by 34 DPS for 5 seconds. Always unlocked +34 (enemy debuff) DPS
14 seconds Skill Hp.png
Crusher Icon.png Crusher Slows down then violently crushes enemies caught in its zone. Drops from Lacerators (10%) 150 damage 14 seconds Skill Hp.png
Explosive Decoy Icon.png Explosive Decoy Turns you invisible for 2.5 sec and attracts nearby enemies. Explodes after 2.5 sec. Drops from Protectors (0.4%) 22 (single grenade) damage 20 seconds Skill Stat.png
Emergency Door Icon.png Emergency Door Deploys an ethereal door. Special lore room in the Slumbering Sanctuary 1 damage 10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Tesla Coil Icon.png Tesla Coil Shoots lightning at nearby enemies and inflicts shock. Drops from Living Barrels (1.7%) 25 DPS
10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Night Light Icon.png Night Light Lights up your path. Always unlocked N/A 120 seconds N/A
RotG: Rise of the Giant DLC
TBS: The Bad Seed DLC
FF: Fatal Falls DLC