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Tutorial Knight is an NPC in Dead Cells. She is the Beheaded's first encounter at the start of the game, and gives him cryptic advice before sending him on his way.[1] She ends up killed by an unknown person or monster and her corpse can be found as soon as the player starts their 4th attempted run or the run after the player has completed a run. This allows the Beheaded to loot the Broadsword Icon.png Broadsword blueprint off her corpse (she seems to have that weapon on her back), which can be found in every door leading to the Promenade of the Condemned.

Tutorial Knight is one of the few beings on the Island who doesn’t see the Beheaded as a foe or client. It is currently unclear what her motivations are for helping him, if she has any at all.


First encounter[]

  • "Aren't you the headless fellow that's been getting around?"

Beheaded gives her a thumbs up.

  • "..."
  • "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"
  • "Ah yes, that's right... No tongue."
  • "Anyway, it must be strange to be back from the dead..."

The beheaded shrugs.

  • "I mean, surely you must have noticed?"

Knight looks behind her for a moment.

  • "You can no longer die."
  • "I don't really understand it."
  • "But you're not the first to find yourself in this situation, if that's what you want to know..."

Beheaded looks around, gesturing questioningly at his surroundings.

When talking to her again she simply urges you to move on.

  • "Shouldn't you be on your way?"

Second encounter[]

  • "Back already?"
  • "Seems like you've been having a rough time of it..."

The beheaded denies it, waving his pointing hand is a sassy manner.

  • "Have you noticed how things seem to change each time you pass through?"

The beheaded looks around him and shrugs.

  • "One could get to thinking that the island is alive."
  • "It's quite ridiculous, wouldn't you say?"

When talking to her again she simply urges you to move on.

  • "Shouldn't you be on your way?"

Third encounter[]

  • "Odd kind of place though, no matter how you look at it."
  • "I imagine this will be a sight to behold when you and the Collector have lit all the flasks up."

Beheaded gives her a thumbs up.

  • "You're working on it, aren't you?"
  • "Obviously you're chipping away at it."
  • "Like all the others..."

Beheaded gestures confused.

When talking to her again she simply urges you to move on.

  • "Shouldn't you be on your way?"

Slain knight[]

From the fourth run onward the Tutorial Knight is no longer at the start of the Prisoners' Quarters.

When you find your way to the entrance to the Promenade of the Condemned, you come across her corpse.

You can examine the body.

  • "She's DEAD."

Beheaded looks the other way.

  • "And it's recent..."

Beheaded looks backs and gestures dismissively. He kicks the body and a gem and blueprint for the Broadsword drops from the body.

  • "Oh... Look what I've found!"

Further examination only prompts the Beheaded to say:

  • "She's dead."

Runs made after Tutorial Knight's death will have her corpse age, and The Beheaded will now say one of two phrases:

  • "Been dead for a while."
  • "She's dead. "


Not much is known about Tutorial Knight. Curiously, she is one of the only characters to remain dead. The only other character who shares this with her is the King.

Her portrait can be seen at High Peak Castle, suggesting she is related to the King, or was a knight for the King.

It would also seem she knows the Collector, as evidenced by her dialogue.


  • Tutorial Knight was developed and drawn by Motion Twin artist Gwen.
  • Tutorial Knight carries a Broadsword Icon.png Broadsword on her back and holds a Beginner's Bow Icon.png Beginner's Bow in her hand.
  • Tutorial Knight was a male during the early access days of the game, but this was changed later.