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No one really knows what the habitants of the Undying Shores were accused of. After all, "crimes against the crown" can mean many things.
Apostates were respected healers before the King chased them from the island. In spite of their medical advancements, some found their methods unpalatable.
Knowledge progresses much faster without moral constraints. Apostates have become very knowledgeable.
The most senior of the King’s medical advisors was put to death. No one knows exactly why, some say he failed the King, some say he was caught robbing graves.
This hideout was used by smugglers before it served as an escape from the King’s wrath. The smugglers were rather disgruntled by the development of events.
Beyond their gruesome but physical experiments, the Apostates seem to have been tampering with some of the more ancient artefacts present on the coast of the Island.
Even before the Malaise outbreak really took hold on the Island, there were rumors of strange experiments and sightings of vile creatures close to the Shores.
Who said the dead were useless?

Undying Shores Flag

The Undying Shores is a fifth level biome exclusive to the Fatal Falls DLC. It is home to what was once a secretive group of necromancers known as the Apostates, which have now succumbed to the Malaise just like the rest of the Island, yet the horrific results of their experiments still continue to live on.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

Can be entered from the Fractured Shrines, Graveyard and Stilt Village and exits to the Mausoleum. In order to enter the Undying Shores from the Fractured Shrines for the first time, one must be wearing the Cultist Outfit IconCultist Outfit to open the door. Afterwards, the biome will remain permanently accessible. The blueprint can be looted from any of the cultist corpses lying around the Fractured Shrines, but it can also be equipped immediately if you possess one of the corpses with the Homunculus Rune IconHomunculus Rune.

Level characteristics[]


The Undying Shores contains 6 scrolls, including 4 Scrolls of Power Scroll and 2 Dual Scrolls. On 4+ BSC there is a bonus Scroll of Power. When 3 Boss Stem Cells are active, this biome has 3 guaranteed Scroll Fragments, and when 4/5 Boss Stem Cells are active, this biome has 4 guaranteed Scroll Fragments.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

In the table below, you will find the gear level and enemy tier of the Undying Shores based on difficulty.

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Gear level VI VI VI VII IX
Enemy lvl tier 19 - 23 22 - 25 23 - 26 25 - 28 29 - 32
Enemy Health tier Base 20 - 22 26 - 29 30 - 33 32 - 36

Loot and shops[]

Main level[]

  • 2 guaranteed Weapon/Skill shops
  • 1 guaranteed treasure chest
  • A guaranteed Cell vat

Exclusive blueprints[]

Secret areas[]

Rune doors[]


Flags with runes

In the biome there can be found a set of three doors with glowing symbols above them. One of them will open into a room containing the Cocoon IconCocoon blueprint. The runes hinting at the correct door combination are found throughout the biome on small violet tapestries. The other two doors are fake. If you attempt to open a fake door, all three doors will be locked for the remainder of the run.

Enemy blueprints[]

The blueprints for the Ferryman's Lantern IconFerryman's Lantern and Apostate Outfit IconApostate Outfit are dropped by Apostates and the blueprints for the Lightning Rods IconLightning Rods and Almost-Yourself Outfit IconAlmost-Yourself Outfit are dropped by Failed Homunculi.


In the undying Shores, there are 5 unique enemies: Apostates, Failed Homunculi, Compulsive Gravediggers, Clumsy Swordsmen and Dastardly Archers.

This biome has a unique feature where specific enemies from biomes that were previously visited during the current run will appear within the Undying Shores. Below is a list of what enemies will spawn depending on what biomes were visited:

In the table below, you will find which enemies are present in the Undying Shores depending on difficulty level. For each enemy, any common, uncommon, rare or legendary blueprints they carry are indicated. When applicable, the minimum difficulty level for blueprint acquisition is specified in brackets.

Enemy Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Apostate Ferryman's Lantern, Apostate Outfit
Failed Homunculus Lightning Rods, Almost-Yourself Outfit
Compulsive Gravedigger
Clumsy Swordsman
Dastardly Archer
Grenadier Fire Grenade, Magnetic Grenade
Bat Knife Dance, Oiled Sword
Knife Thrower Great Owl of War, Legendary Warrior's Outfit (3+ BSC)
Slammer Flawless, Tactical Retreat
Rampager Adrenaline
Failed Experiment Berserker


Alchemist grimoire[]

A desk can be found with research notes.

  • "The Apostates' research on death and cellular decay were far more advanced than what I've seen elsewhere...."
  • "They seem to endure better than the rest of the island."
  • "We shared knowledge, and they handed me some precious samples. There may be another way to endure the Malaise..."

Inside the same room, a cell vat can be found. The Beheaded will comment on it if inspected.

  • "This feels uncomfortably familiar..."


Behind a door there can be found a boat abandoned halfway through construction.

  • "Wooden boats. They wanted to flee."
  • "Why did some stay?"

Cell vat room[]

Behind a door, a giant room can be found with huge cell vats spread over three levels. Some are broken, some contain human remains, and some are filled with a mysterious liquid and a Cell. At the top level there is a desk on which a skull rests. In the background, plans can be seen that contain the symbol of the Beheaded. Upon inspecting the skull, the Beheaded says the following:

  • "Seems oddly familiar."

Bench with a letter[]

A letter can be found next to a bench overlooking the Lighthouse.

  • "The Apostates didn't fare any better than the rest of us."
  • "Moments of consciousness are becoming rarer and shorter... I won't make it to the Lighthouse."
  • "Maybe I'll find a decent place to rest down there"
  • "...?"

A soldier's remains[]

In a room with a desk, there is a skeleton laying on said desk, next to some weapons and pieces of armor. A note next to the desk reads:

  • "The Apostates fled when they saw us approach... The King is right, they must be behind that sickness!"
  • "I'm staying here with a few of my men while the others are going back to the Castle, with all the Apostates' scrolls and books that we could gather."
  • "Maybe the Alchemist can find a remedy in there?"

Apostate torture room[]

In a room, three apostates can be found dead. One on a table of storts struck with arrows. Another on the floor:

  • "I hate those guys! And it seems someone else really did too..."
  • "I hope I never meet them!"

And lastly, one hanged by a chain with slashes on it's body in a broken vat:

  • "Whoever made that mess wasn't too fond of the experiments being done here."

The ones who killed the Apostates might had been the Servants (Shot, Crushed, Slashed). The Beheaded can interact with the door to said room. Doing so, he will comment something isn't right:

  • "Hey!"
  • "I didn't break that door!"
  • "..."
  • "Something's not right..."



  • 2.2: Introduced.
  • 2.3:
    • Fall damage capped to 15% of max life.
    • Added an extra power scroll to 4+ BSC.
  • 2.4: Added new rooms to increase level design variety.
  • 2.5: Added a new lore room.