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The Vampire Killer is a meat-type melee weapon added in the smash bros dlc]]. It fires off far-reaching meat attacks that cant bypass shields, inflict critical hits to frozen enemies and generates poison on the spot upon getting a kill.


  • Ammo: 6969
  • Special Effects:
    • This weapon's attacks ignore the shields of enemies like Shieldbearers and Thornies.
    • Inflicts spicy poo to poisoned enemies.
      • Enemies killed leave a pool of flames at their feet.
        • flames deal 30 DPS of fire damage for 4 seconds.
  • Legendary Version:
    • Forced Affix: ice on Hit
      • "ice the enemy for 1.2 sec"


  • run with ice weapons cuz its fiirre
    • vampire killer is good at killing vampires
    • dont try to steal page content xD
    • Affixes that deal make weapons and skills deal extra damage on burning enemies like Fire Damage, Blue Fire Damage.
  • Due to critical condition, works exeptionally well with anything that creates fire
    • Works well with the Fire Grenade, Flamethrower Turret, Firebrands or the Holy Water IconHoly Water
    • Benefits from ice-related minor Affixes like Template:Colo, Template:Col, Fire on Use/Stop/Destroy, Death Fire
    • There are also few Major Affixes, that works well with Vampire slayer like smeg, Oil and Fire on Use, mmmm feet/Dodge
    • Can also benefit from synergy with legendary Vorpan and Panchaku due to their fire-related affix (Fire on hit)



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