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Version 0.1, officially the Elemental Update, is a major update to Dead Cells that was released on the 13th of June 2017 to PC.

The Elemental Update focused on gameplay and the feeling of weapons and items. It also substantially changed how fire and oil were treated.

Important features[]

  • New elemental gameplay! For example, Fire & Oil have been totally redone. You can now put oil on the ground, put it on fire and watch your enemies die in awful ways. Or maybe will you appreciate the new interactions between electricity and water? For science!
  • Community suggestion: New weapons, including mace, torches, spear etc.
  • Community suggestion: New active skills, including Ceil Turret or Vampirism.
  • Added many new affixes that will change weapons, active skills & talisman gameplay, including many new elemental affixes (like leaving a toxic cloud when dodging).
  • Community suggestion: Shield gameplay buffed! If you have a shield equiped and get hit by anything, you will be granted a temporary global force field. This means that equiping a Shield now allow you to have a much more efficient defensive gameplay style: you basically can't be chain-hit by multiple enemies. This change affects all existing shields. Also, we fixed a bug that prevented you from using a shield to block multiple attacks. Now, if you're good enough and do it in proper timing, you can now block ANY number of successive attacks coming at you.
  • A mysterious door has appeared in the Prison Cells
  • Community suggestion: Statistics! Track your progress and some other funny counters. We will add more gradually.
  • Community suggestion: Achievements! There are awesome. Like statistics, we will add more with the next updates.
  • Turrets and most deployable traps (like Meat Grinder) now require you to be at medium range to operate. If you go too far away, they will simply not work until you get closer again.
  • Dead Cells is the first game that allows you to pick your food diet. Be it carnivorous, vegetarian, frugivore or monstrous. Go check the game options.
  • 2 new enemies have been added
  • A mysterious character has been added in sewer depths
  • Shops will sometime have a special "deal" on one item: this means higher quality loot but also more expensive.
  • Community suggestion: We added support for Steam Workshop mods related to translations


  • We added many extra teleporters to sewers levels
  • Oil sword & oil bomb now put oil on the ground
  • Community suggestion: Your rolls can now break doors
  • Community suggestion: We fixed many minor ergonomic issues you won't probably notice with ladders (faster to grab from the top, easier to leave when jumping from the top etc.)
  • Community suggestion: Active skills can now be used as "cancels" (eg. you can cancel a Broad sword attack by throwing a Grenade)
  • Firethrower turret & flame thrower now put ground on fire
  • You can now electrify mobs standing in water
  • Community suggestion: The freeze blast is now 50% faster to use, which makes it much more efficient in most combat situation!
  • All grenades generated by item affixes now explode much faster.
  • Improved auto-aim on some weapons like Throwing knives (eg. higher priority on elites/bosses)
  • Community suggestion: Ice bow now freezes all enemies around the hit target. It also has 4 ammo instead of 3
  • Community suggestion: Blocking an arrow with the Greed Shield will now drop a golden arrow.
  • Community suggestion: Hook skill is now slightly faster and the Stun effect last twice longer
  • Community suggestion: Crossbow now has 15 ammo
  • All the bosses can now see you even if you are invisible
  • Stun grenade now lasts less time and deals less damage
  • Ice grenade lasts longer and deals more damage
  • Lightning whip range has been slightly reduced
  • Fire now deals more damage if the target is covered with Oil
  • Community suggestion: All timed doors now have much more interesting loots behind
  • Better challenge portal rewards
  • Community suggestion: Cursed chests loots has been improved
  • The rally effect (healings on counter attacks) is now less effective if you have a global force field active on you.
  • Community suggestion: Grenades you repel using a shield will now inflict damage to enemies (aka. Tennis mode)
  • Shocker enemy now properly announces its area of effect
  • We changed the ways the cells were distributed in game to ensure a better balance between different levels.
  • Rapier now deals less damage than the Assassin dagger (crit and non-crit). It also has a shorter crit window.
  • We balanced all blueprint costs (everything is a little more expensive)
  • Assault shield now has a much more powerful dash effect. It can also break doors.
  • The rusty sword has been nerfed to be rustier than OP.
  • Hook skill now adds an extra damage bonus on hooked enemies.
  • The spear is now twice faster to use and has a small dash effect
  • Meat grinder now inflicts Bleeding (more cheese pleeaaaase)
  • Bear trap now deploys 3 traps per use!

Level design[]

  • More rooms added to add variety in runs (especially in Prison Cells)

Graphics & UI[]

  • Graphic improvements in Fog Fjord and Prison Courtyard
  • Fix Texts
  • New skin for Merchants : each shop (standard, weapons, heal) now has a proper skin
  • Z doors are now more visible in Fog Fjord (Stilt Village)
  • Improve challenge message (can be skipped, and it has a better location)
  • New art for vine ladders
  • New skin for the Scribe, we suggest you to talk to him :)
  • Map improvements : added feedback for timed doors and rune path locations

Bug fixes[]

  • Items dropped by the Collector right before the final boss now have a correct Quality Level
  • Dropped items should no longer block a door or an exit
  • Phaser skill can no longer receive damage related affixes
  • Dual daggers should no longer force you to jump from a platform if you use them near a cliff.
  • Shield mobs should no longer hit you from behind
  • You can no longer cancel a shield cooldown using another shield
  • Shield effects triggered by blocking an attack will no longer trigger when attacks are blocked by something else *(like a global forcefield)
  • The game timer now runs when you leave the flask room
  • The broadsword should now drop again properly
  • You cannot heal anymore by swapping items that add +1 LIFE
  • You cannot reset your cooldowns anymore by swapping items in your inventory
  • Tentacles won't be stuck any longer in ground
  • You can't anymore exploit the mega jump (shooting during a double jump)
  • Phazer damage bonus now applies to the first close combat attack dealt by the player.
  • Items unlocked in late game now appears in flasks (in prison cells)
  • Grenade from grenader can't bump you anymore during cinematic
  • All DOTs are removed when you change level (and go through secret portal)
  • Dead Cells executable is now signed. It should reduce antivirus false positives.


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