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Version 0.3, officially the Who's Your Daily Update, is a major update to Dead Cells that was released on the 17th of August 2017 to PC.

Important features[]

  • Added the "Daily run" mode! Same level & loots for everyone, changing every day. You can try as many times as you want to rank up: only your best score is kept in the leaderboard.
  • A new ability is available at the Collector booth. It allows you to sell items lying on the ground and you don't want! Just long-press the "pick-up" button of your controller when in front of a useless item. It will be destroyed and turned into gold. This ability works on most weapons, active skills, talismans and food items.
  • Community suggestion | Gold keeping has been completely rebalanced. Instead of "keep X% of your gold upon death", the new upgrade now allows you to "keep at max X gold upon death". It goes from keeping 3k gold up to 15k gold.
  • Added new achievements !
  • Speed combo: if you kill enemies quickly enough, you will be granted a temporary run speed boost. Keep killing enemies to maintain this advantage!
  • Many many minor ergonomic changes have been made to the hero movements to make your undead life easier (see below for more details). We fixed and adjusted many small things like: ladder transition speed, jump through thin platforms, hard to "grab" platforms etc.
  • Added the Items Altar : there is 2 items, but you can choose only one! Version 0.3.6
  • Added 2 new weapon blueprints and 1 new active skill blueprint as rewards for Daily Runs you complete (that is killing the boss). You can only get rewards once a day. The first reward is given on the first time you beat the Daily Run, the second one the fifth time and the last one the when you beat your tenth Daily Run. Version 0.3.9
  • Daily Run: Some items are now forbidden. You need to unlock them in the normal mode to use them in Daily Run mode.

Important note: we have plans to give you ways to "re-lock" items you have unlocked but don't want to see in normal mode, but it won't come before Update 4. Also, we'll also make sure that insanely rare drops are not a thing in Dead Cells: this drop system balance will also make it to the Update 4. Version 0.3.9

  • Community suggestion | If you have unlocked one of the 3 "Random weapon" upgrades, you will now be able to find the good' old rusty start weapons hidden somewhere inside the flask room. Just in case you need them for, like, an achievement. Version 0.3.10
  • Added experimental DirectX support (available on beta branch only). Version 0.3.10


  • The run timer is now paused when you are in a challenge room
  • You can now exit a ladder from the top faster by rolling on last second (see: )
  • Community suggestion | It's now a little "harder" to grab ladders on-the-fly when playing with the sticks on a gamepad. This means that you need to move your stick further to UP or DOWN to grab a ladders, so it's not possible anymore to grab a ladder using LEFT+UP for example. This should reduce accidental ladder grabs during combats.
  • You should find precious gems a little more often on mobs.
  • The dive attack should now allow you to jump through thin platforms in relevant situations. Before this change, you may have sometime "missed" your dive attack when you tried to use it and jump through a thin platform at the same time (resulting in a very short dive attack on the spot).
  • Balanced Impaler spear damage (1st strike is more powerful, 2nd strike is a little bit less)
  • Fixed some situations where it was "difficult" to jump through a thin platform using double jumps.
  • Add some anticipation for the Watcher "bullet hell" attack
  • Community suggestion | Repeater Crossbow is now an automatic weapon: you can keep your attack key pressed to shoot arrows. Its charge time is also twice faster and its damage have been balanced. Version 0.3.2
  • The Mechanical Spider grenade damage have been reduced. Version 0.3.2
  • The way the hero life scales has been slightly changed (you get +48% extra life each time you pick +1 LIFE, instead of +41%). Version 0.3.2
  • The Crusher active skill blueprint is now a Common drop, and not a Rare one anymore. Version 0.3.10

Level design[]

  • Enemies should no longer start in toxic in sewers (they can still fall it though)
  • Added many new variations to Promenade level design
  • We removed tons of useless ladders from the game (ie. ladders leading to platforms you could easily jump on). Note this should also reduce a lot issues like "accidentally grabbing ladders while trying to avoid this two gren.. omg omg NO NO NOOOO fuuuuuuuuuuuuu*"
  • Added new variations to Sewers level design
  • Added new variations for rooms that require Vine or Rub-rub runes
  • Changed the design of the large crypt in the Graveyard

Graphics & UI[]

  • Added an option (in Misc settings) to automatically cancel your dodge before falling from a platform. This won't trigger if you start your roll when you're close from the cliff.
  • Updated the collector exit door
  • Added extra particles to some heavy weapons, 'cause they are heavy you know
  • New skin for the grenadier (ennemy and bombs)
  • The Vine ladder is now more visible and readable
  • The mini-shop has been updated and Guillain, a new NPC, has been added
  • The level name will no longer display on Title Screen
  • Community suggestion | Key mapping for next/previous is now configurable
  • New skin for the Runner ennemy
  • Community suggestion | Added option for fullscreen mode (fullscreen or borderless) Version 0.3.2
  • Added the seed to the large Map view (it will be useful to us when you screenshot impossible or problematic levels) Version 0.3.2
  • Added infos about save slots in menu (last change date, etc.) Version 0.3.6
  • Improved performance in Promenade of the Condemned and Graveyard Version 0.3.6
  • Performance improvement of the fog rendering Version 0.3.7
  • Improved performance of camera zoom Version 0.3.8
  • Added a feedback to indicate when your speed buff is about to disappear. Version 0.3.9
  • Added Japanese version. Version 0.3.11

Music & SFX[]

  • Add Portal closing SFX
  • New musics for the weapon and food shops

Bug fixes[]

  • The Incomplete One will no longer hit you if he's frozen while jumping
  • Fixed an infinite lock that could occur during some cinematics (like "running against a wall forever").
  • Fixed a few rare "null access" crashes
  • Fixed a bug that made enemy grenades disappear in walls.
  • Fixed some issues with "bouncing" items Version 0.3.2
  • Renamed the French version of the Flying Biter mob. Version 0.3.2
  • Blueprints can no longer be stuck in a wall. Version 0.3.3
  • Pirate bombs can longer be triggered by throwing kunais on it or by dropping a turret in front of them. Version 0.3.5
  • Added support for DualShock 4 controller connected via the Sony USB Wireless adaptor Version 0.3.6
  • If you crouch or stand while using a bow or a crossbow, your character should animate accordingly. Version 0.3.7
  • We fixed a rare bug that could make enemies appear suddenly on screen, like if they were teleporting to abnormal positions. Version 0.3.9