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Version 2.9, officially the Breaking Barriers Update, and also known as the Accessibility Update, is a major update to Dead Cells that was released on the 23rd of June 2022 to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

The Breaking Barriers Update focused on, as the name would imply, introducing new accessibility options in the form of new visual and gameplay settings in the options menu, such as character outlines, font options, or being able to toggle shield blocks, as well as Assist Mode.

Important features[]

Added a new Assist Mode to the options menu :

  • Continue mode – each time you die you can resurrect from the beginning of the biome. (this effectively already existed by quitting the game when you die, now it's just 'official')
  • Auto-hit mode – automatically target nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon.
  • Adjustable trap damage, enemy damage and enemy health in % increments.
  • Option for slower parry window and trap speed

New Gameplay Options :

  • Hold to jump.
  • Hold to roll.
  • Shield toggle option, instead of long press.

New Input Options :

  • Customisable Long Interact input.
  • Customisable Dive Attack input.
  • Customisable functions for the Left Stick, Right Stick and D-Pad.

New Video Options :

  • Customisable HUD transparency and size.
  • New font option : Arial.
  • Customisable Brutality / Tactic / Survival colors.
  • Display stats icons in addition to their color.
  • Display critical strike feedback on the HUD.
  • Display effect icons in item descriptions. If two effects synergize with each other, the icons glow.
  • Outlines for the Beheaded, Enemies, Skills, Projectiles and Secrets.
  • Disable blood.
  • Reduce the number of particles.

New Sound Options :

  • Customize categories of sound effects individually (active, enemies, environment, etc.)
  • Added a customizable sound priority system, to limit the number of sounds at once.


  • Barnacle: new crit condition on bleeding or poisoned targets to make it less awkward (and bad).
  • Tentacle: lots of bug fixes. It should be way more reliable now.
  • Crowbar: new crit condition on stunned enemies to make it less awkward too.
    • (Note: this feature for the Crowbar was removed in the beta version of the update and never made it to the final release.)
  • Magnetic Grenade: full rework, it doesn't send enemies flying around (often in your head) but instead pulls them towards the explosion.
  • Biters pets: now way more resistant to attacks and effects that don't specifically target them.
  • Corrupted Power: now in % instead of a flat bonus. No other difference functionally speaking.
  • Wings of the Crow: lots of bug fixes.
  • Decoy: can be manually detonated after a few moments (it's not a grenade, but you don't have to awkwardly wait for it to explode if you don't want to)
  • The cost of most of the beginner items has been drastically cut, to make the early game less tedious for new players and to make new items a viable unlock option while trying to get your flask, gold and other useful upgrades.
  • Reverted the changes on Crowbar. Update 29.1
  • Barnacle no longer crits on bleeding enemies. Update 29.1
  • Machete & pistol: The third hit now ignores side shields. Update 29.1
  • HOTK should now have an easier time hitting the player when they're airborne. Update 29.2

Graphics & UI[]

  • Added an option to change the text size of Item Names, Item Item Descriptions and Dialogues. Update 29.1
  • Added an option to increase the size of the Attack Announces. Update 29.1
  • Added a new font to choose from: "Adys". Update 29.1
  • Added an an option to add a colored filter between the background and foreground. The color and opacity of the filter can be freely customized. Update 29.1
  • Reorganized the entirety of the Options menu and added a new "Accessibility" section. Update 29.1
  • Texts in the Stat Selection Menu no longer use "Red", "Purple" and "Green", but "Brutality", "Tactic" and "Survival". Update 29.1
  • The Crown and The Lighthouse now have different doors that lead to their biomes. Update 29.2

Quality of life[]

  • Reworked all the player animations to correctly display the head behind the body, when needed.
  • Added a new Update Pop-up that displays all the information about our latest update, when you launch the game for the first time. Update 29.2

Bug fixes[]

  • Thunder Shield is now longer considered to be a ranged weapon. Update 29.1
  • Fixed Face Flask's "Volley of Arrows" affix not dealing any damage. Update 29.1
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling in the options felt "bumpy". Update 29.1
  • Fixed Golden Bat Kamikaze appearing in the ground in the Training Room. Update 29.1
  • Fixed some soflocks with Pollo Power. Update 29.2
  • Fixed some overlap visual bugs on the World Map. Update 29.2