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Version 3.0, officially the Enter the Panchaku Update, and also known as the Legendary Update, is a major update to Dead Cells that was released on the 3rd of August 2022 to PC, on the 7th of September 2022 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch, and on the 29th of November 2022 to iOS and Android.

Important features[]

  • New Weapon: Panchaku
    • Two pans tied together by a string, the perfect DIY weapon to tear through the island!
    • Crits on enemies facing you.
  • New Outfit: Bobby Outfit
    • A new outfit inspired by the Beheaded's design from the Dead Cells trailers, flaming head included.
  • New crossover content with Soul Knight:
    • Those features were already in the Mobile version of Dead Cells, we just brought them over to PC and Consoles!
    • Weapon: Magic Bow, fires 5 slowly-moving, homing arrows.
    • Outfit: Knight's Outfit, inspired by Soul Knight's character of the same name.
    • New lore room in Prisoners' Quarters to unlock the blueprints!
  • New Custom Mode Option: Legendaries Only
    • Turns all weapons found in the run into legendary ones.
  • You can now pet your Pets when you are in transition areas, by holding interact next to them!

We completely reworked how Legendary Weapons work!

  • Removed the double stat scaling, but kept the colorless status. They now scale on your highest stat only. It was mostly overpowered, rather counter-intuitive (you had to split stats whereas you should do the opposite in non-legendary situations) and not really fun (just adding more damage on top of your damage).
  • Added a unique Legendary Affix to all Weapons. A Legendary Weapon will always have its Legendary Affix on top of its normal rolled ones. You can find a list of all the Weapons and their respective Legendary Affix below.
  • Added new Double Stack Legendary Affix, which doubles the number of stacks applied by the weapon. (Things like poison, fire, etc.)
  • Added new Global Shield on Kill Legendary Affix.
  • Added new Better Secrets Legendary Affix, which upgrades the quality of secrets found in the ground or walls by one tier.
  • Added new True Evil Legendary Affix, deals triple damage but locks out the rest of the loadout as long as the weapon is equipped.
  • Added new God Slayer Legendary Affix, increases the crit multiplier of the weapon's last hit.
  • Added new Death Root Legendary Affix, roots nearby enemies on kill.
  • Added new Mega Crit Legendary Affix, increases crit damage by 75%.
  • Added new Cascading Tomb Legendary Affix, unique to the Tombstone, doom effect can trigger recursively.
  • Added new Rebuild on Kill Legendary Affix, unique to the Broken Toothpick, repairs the weapon on kill.
  • Added new Speed Ball Legendary Affix, reduces the pause time between the attacks.
  • Added new Super Slice Legendary Affix, unique to Queen's Rapier, increases greatly the range of the reality slices.
  • Added new Fire on Hit Legendary Affix, puts hit enemies on fire.
  • Added new Double Bullets Legendary Affix, doubles the number of projectiles shot by the weapon.
  • Added new Triple Bullets Legendary Affix, triples the number of projectiles shot by the weapon.
  • Added new Golden Damage Legendary Affix, buffs the weapon's damage based on the player's current gold count.
  • Added new Stun Shield Legendary Affix, stuns any enemy parried by the shield.
  • Added new Double Speed Legendary Affix, projectiles shot by the weapon go twice as fast.
  • Added new Echo Legendary Affix, replays a grenade's explosion a second time.
  • Added new Bigger Explosion Legendary Affix, increases a grenade's explosion radius.
  • Added new Ice Walker Legendary Affix, unique to Ice Armor, the created armor never expires.
  • Added new Super Back Damage Legendary Affix, greatly increases the damage when hitting enemies in the back. | Update 30.1


  • Hard Light Sword and Pistol: slight damage buff to the sword and attack speed buff to the pistol
  • Queen's Rapier: the delayed slice hits sooner
  • Maw of the Deep: attack speed buff
  • Wrecking Ball: first and last attack are faster
  • Leghugger: now jumps on a nearby target before launching its reactivation attack + keeps its growth state across instances of the object in a run
  • Gilded Yumi: charge time slightly decreased + now crits reliably on Mama Tick (to be consistent with Impaler)
  • Killing Deck: damage buff on the first 2 attacks
  • Hand Hook: now also crits when the thrown enemy hits another entity
  • Greed Shield: can now trigger once per enemy every 10 seconds + damage buff
  • Frantic Sword: crit multiplier is now inversely proportional to your life (when at or under 50% max life)
  • Abyssal Trident: slight damage buff
  • Shrapnel Axes: slight damage buff
  • Pollo Power: now fires 1 more egg + damage buff
  • Smoke Bomb and Grappling Hook: scaling heavily nerfed. It was scaling exponentially.
  • Lightning Bolt: now crits one tick earlier and damages you 1 tick later
  • Spiked Shield: crit damage buff
  • Hokuto's Bow: procs less often + damage bonus nerfed
  • Sonic Carbine: damage nerf
  • Rapier: damage nerf
  • The Boy's Axe: damage nerf, can't roll the Extra Ammo affix anymore and can't be affected by Ammo mutation.
  • Hunter's Grenade: no longer provides stats
  • Crusher: its slow is now less effective on bosses
  • Maw of the Deep: its root is now less effective on bosses
  • Bladed Tonfas: slight nerf of the crit multiplier
  • Lacerating Aura: cooldown now starts at the end of the effect instead of starting at cast
  • New Crit condition for the Crowbar: now also crits on "monster" enemies (non-humanoid, non-mechanic). It still keeps its old crit condition as well, this is not a replacement.
  • Increased damage of the Fire Trails affixes (projectile and running).

Okay, here comes the extremely long list of every weapon and their respective Legendary Affix.

Melee Weapons
Melee Weapon Affix
Balanced Blade Poison on Hit
Spite Sword Poison Skin Area
Assassin's Dagger Back Damage
Blood Sword Double Stack
Twin Daggers Run Speed on Crit
Broadsword Global Shield on Kill
Shovel Better Secrets
Cursed Sword True Evil
Sadist's Stiletto Back Damage
Swift Sword Run Speed on Kill
Giantkiller God Slayer
Shrapnel Axes Fire Bullet
Seismic Strike Death Root
War Spear Run Speed on Crit
Impaler Back Damage
Symmetrical Lance Quad Damage Free & Ignore Global Shields
Rapier Run Speed on Crit
Meat Skewer Back Damage
Nutcracker Death Root
Spartan Sandals Fire Feet
Spiked Boots Bleed on Hit
Hayabusa Boots Run Speed on Kill
Hayabusa Gauntlets Super Crit
Valmont's Whip Run Speed on Crit
Wrenching Whip Bleed on Hit
Oiled Sword Poison on Hit
Torch Double Stack
Frantic Sword Heal Mid Life
Flawless Run Speed on Crit
Flint Fire on Hit
Tentacle Poison on Hit
Vorpan Fire on Hit
Flashing Fans Bleed on Hit
Scythe Claw Death Root
Rhythm n' Bouzouki Fire on Hit
Crowbar Back Damage
Snake Fangs Run Speed on Kill
Iron Staff Frost Shield
Ferryman's Lantern Fire on Hit
Hattori's Katana Mega Crit
Cross Hit Death Freeze
Tombstone Cascading Tomb
Oven Axe Run Speed on Crit
Toothpick Heavy Stun
Broken Toothpick Rebuild on Kill
Machete and Pistol Bleed on Hit
Hard Light Sword Super Crit
Pure Nail Death Worm
Bone Run Speed on Crit
Abyssal Trident Run Speed on Crit
Hand Hook Poison on Hit
Maw of the Deep Triple Bullets
Bladed Tonfas Run Speed on Kill
Wrecking Ball Speed Ball
Queen's Rapier Super Slice
Dagger of Profit Run Speed on Crit
Gold Digger Heavy Stun
Panchaku Fire on Hit
Ranged Weapons
Ranged Weapon Affix
Multiple-nocks Bow Double Bullets
Bow and Endless Quiver Poison on Hit
Marksman's Bow Heavy Stun
Sonic Carbine Poison Bullet
Infantry Bow Bleed on Hit
Quick Bow Super Crit
Ice Bow Strong Ice
Heavy Crossbow Pierce
Reload Global Shield on Use
Repeater Crossbow Super Pierce
Quiver of Bolts Pierce
Ice Crossbow Strong Ice
Piercing Shot Death Freeze
Explosive Crossbow Pierce
Alchemic Carbine Double Stack
Boomerang Extra Ammo Few
Hemorrhage Bleed Propagation
The Boy's Axe Extra Ammo Few
War Javelin Fire Bullet
Hokuto's Bow Super Pierce
Nerves of Steel Super Crit
Throwing Knife Bleed Propagation
Electric Whip Back Damage
Firebrands Double Stack
Ice Shards Death Freeze
Pyrotechnics Double Stack
Lightning Bolt Global Shield on Kill
Fire Blast Global Shield on Use
Frost Blast Strong Ice
Magic Missiles Super Pierce
Blowgun Poison Cloud on Hit
Barrel Launcher Death Fire
Soul Shot Fire Bullet
Hard Light Gun Double Stack
Killing Deck Bleed on Hit
Gilded Yumi Fire Bullet
Money Shooter Super Pierce
Magic Bow Double Bullets
Shield Affix
Front Line Shield Counter Attack
Cudgel Long Stun
Punishment Death Freeze
Knockback Shield Death Root
Rampart Frost Shield
Assault Shield Heavy Stun
Bloodthirsty Shield Double Stack
Greed Shield Gold Damage Buff
Spiked Shield Mega Crit
Parry Shield Stun Shield
Force Shield Frost Shield
Thunder Shield Poison Shield
Ice Shield Strong Ice
Deployable Traps
Deployable Trap Affix
Double Crossb-o-matic Pierce
Sinew Slicer Bleed Propagation
Heavy Turret Super Pierce
Barnacle Poison Bullet
Flamethrower Turret Double Stack
Cleaver Double Stack
Wolf Trap Ice on Stop
Crusher Ice on Stop
Explosive Decoy Run Speed on Kill
Emergency Door Deployed Dmg
Tesla Coil Oil and Fire on Destroy
Scavenged Bombard Double Speed
Grenade Affix
Powerful Grenade Death Freeze
Infantry Grenade Oil
Cluster Grenade Death Fire
Magnetic Grenade Echo
Stun Grenade Long Stun
Ice Grenade Strong Ice
Fire Grenade Bigger Explosion
Root Grenade Death Root
Oil Grenade Death Fire
Swarm Poison on Hit (yes, it applies to the biters' attacks)
Power Affix
Death Orb Double Speed
Tornado Poison Cloud on Hit
Knife Dance Bleed Poison
Corrupted Power Global Shield on Use
Vampirism Global Shield on Use
Tonic Extended Duration
Grappling Hook Fire on Use
Phaser Poison on use
Corrosive Cloud Double Stack
Lacerating Aura Bleed on Hit
Wave of Denial Oil and Fire on Use
Wings of the Crow Global Shield on Use
Great Owl of War Super Pierce
Lightspeed Global Shield on Use
Giant Whistle Death Freeze
Telluric Shock Global Shield on Kill
Spoiler Item Run Speed on Kill
Smoke Bomb Run Speed on Use
Mushroom Boi! Poison Cloud on Hit
Lightning Rods Fire on Stop
Scarecrow's Sickles Double Bullets
Ice Armor White Walker
Serenade Run Speed on Crit
Cocoon Frost Shield
Face Flask Oil and Fire on Use
Pollo Power Death Worm
Leghugger Bleed Propagation
  • Legendary Items now have the same bonus level as S-tier Items | Update 30.1
  • Reduced the chance of rolling the Full Life Damage affix. | Update 30.1
  • Reduced The Boy's Axe impact damage. | Update 30.1
Melee Weapons | Update 30.1
Melee Weapon Affix
Hayabusa Gauntlets Mega Crit
Hard Light Sword Mega Crit
Assassin’s Dagger Mega Crit
Sadist's Stiletto Super Back Damage
Impaler Super Back Damage
Meat Skewer Super Back Damage
Crowbar Super Back Damage
Hayabusa Boots Super Back Damage
Snake Fangs Double Stack
Valmont's Whip Mega Crit
Ranged Weapons | Update 30.1
Ranged Weapon Affix
Quick Bow Mega Crit
Nerves of Steel Mega Crit
Electric Whip Super Back Damage
Grenades | Update 30.1
Grenade Affix
Powerful Grenade Bigger Explosion
Powers | Update 30.1
Power Affix
Leghugger Bleed on Hit
Vampirism Oil and Fire on Use
  • Bullets parried by the Cudgel will now stun enemies as well. | Update 30.2
  • Greatly reduced the lock on Wrecking Ball's third and fourth attacks. | Update 30.3
  • Full Life Damage is not a starred affix anymore. | Update 30.3
  • Barbed Tips damage of each stack is reduced the more arrows there are in the enemy. 1 arrow = 40dmg, 2 arrows = 74dmg, 3 arrows = 104dmg, etc. | Update 30.3
  • Removed Hand Hook's first hit and greatly reduced the lock of the last attack. | Update 30.3
  • Added new Legendary Affix, exclusive to Serenade: Durability Up, the sword pet never expires. Please note that the only translations of this affix are in french or english for now. | Update 30.3
  • Gilded Yumi rework.
    • Reduced the ammo count to 2.
    • Now has a 2-hit combo, which shoots the second arrow faster.
    • Is now considered to be a Heavy Weapon.
    • Increased the overall weapon speed.
    • Increased the base damage, reduced the crit multiplier.
    • Damage no longer gets split between hit enemies.
    • Arrows now pierce all enemies.
    • Bosses get dragged by the arrow more.
    • Reduced the arrow's speed.
    • No longer stuns in an AoE on hit. | Update 30.3
Melee Weapons | Update 30.3
Melee Weapon Affix
Spiked Boots Run Speed on Crit
Balanced Blade Run Speed on Crit
Hank Hook Bleed on Hit
Ranged Weapons | Update 30.3
Ranged Weapon Affix
Explosive Crossbow Super Pierce
Heavy Crossbow Super Pierce
Deployable Traps | Update 30.3
Deployable Trap Affix
Double Crossb-o-matic Super Pierce
Grenades | Update 30.3
Grenade Affix
Cluster Grenade Echo
Powers | Update 30.3
Power Affix
Giant Whistle Echo
Tornado Double Speed
Serenade Durability Up
  • Reduced the unlock prerequisite of Random Melee Weapon to 2 Unlocked Items. | Update 30.4
  • Counter Attack Buff affix now applies to any enemy instead of only the parried one, and can only be triggered by player attacks. | Update 30.4
  • Talisman DoT Affixes now scale based on the highest tier stat, instead of the tier average. | Update 30.4
  • Gold Gorgers now can't attack or teleport to the player if they didn't see the player at least once. | Update 30.4

Level design[]

  • In Prisoners' Quarters, if the player has the Spider Rune but not the Vine Rune, the passage to the Sewers door will now use a specific room. Yes, this is a very specific change, don't ask about it.
  • Added Teleportation Monoliths before the exits leading to Forgotten Sepulcher. | Update 30.1
  • Added an exit to Clock Tower in Graveyard, for cases where the player would get softlocked otherwise. | Update 30.1
  • In Ramparts, prevented the exit leading to Conjunctivius from being locked behind a Breakable Ground. | Update 30.1

Graphics & UI[]

  • Reworked the Outfit Selection UI. It is now a grid displaying the icons of all the unlocked outfits, as well as an in-game preview. | Update 30.2
  • Weapons' icons on the HUD now fade away when their controls are locked. | Update 30.3
  • Fixed options text getting out of the frame when opened on the main menu. | Update 30.4

Quality of life[]

  • Uniformized the different speed bonus feedbacks.
  • Made double tap input option for Dive Attack more reliable and consistent. | Update 30.3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed Corrosive Cloud not triggering the Bleed Propagation affix.
  • Fixed Serenade sometimes losing its affixes on use.
  • Fixed Explosive Barrels not updating properly when not on screen.
  • Disabled gravity when picking up a scroll, to prevent a softlock when falling offscreen.
  • Fixed tier icons not displaying properly on colorless items.
  • Fixed the Bank Pop-up and the 1BC Pop-up overlapping.
  • Corrosive Cloud now correctly displays its synergy with Bleed. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed the Cherry on the Cake bombs not dealing any damage to the player. | Update 30.2
  • Added the missing world map transition of Distillery -> Lighthouse. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed Conjunctivius sometimes shooting projectiles during the death animation. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed the Hunter's Grenade not spawning back when thrown off a cliff, or when an enemy converted to elite fell of a cliff. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed a crash when picking up an amulet with the Homunculus Rune in the Daily Challenge. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed Mushroom Boi getting stuck in the dash animation after triggering the explosion. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed Mutineers' melee attack not having the attack warning. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed Invisibility not affecting the player's head or scarf. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed Armored Shrimps moving while frozen. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed the player getting stuck off-screen in some specific situations. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed pets sometimes dying for no apparent reasons. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed the Leghugger not teleporting back to the player when too far away. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed minimap refresh hiding part of the maps revealed by Explorer's Instinct. | Update 30.2
  • Fixed Scrolls on the minimap not displaying their Stat icon, when triggering Explorer's Instincts. | Update 30.3
  • Fixed mutations going higher and higher on the HUD every time the player changes the "place backpack next to weapons" option. | Update 30.3
  • Fixed Queen sometimes getting stuck on the "Reality Slices" phase. | Update 30.3
  • Fixed some powers and effects not working properly after going through a ZDoor, as well as their visual disappearing:
    • Ice Armor's sprite.
    • Cell Bonus FX.
    • Lacerating Aura FX.
    • Wings of the Crow FX. | Update 30.3
  • Fixed elite Gold Gorgers using Elite Skills when transformed by the Hunter's Grenade. | Update 30.3
  • Fixed the way DoT Effects damage scale was calculated, leading to some of them dealing less damage than intended. | Update 30.4
  • Fixed DPS display on weapons not working properly with damage multipliers. | Update 30.4
  • Fixed DPS display for the Bone. | Update 30.4