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Version 3.2, officially the Everyone is Here Vol. 2 Update, is a major update to Dead Cells that was released on the 7th of November 2022 to PC, and on the 17th of November 2022 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Important features[]

6 new Outfits and Weapons based on 6 indie games crossovers!

  • Shovel Knight
    • New Brutality Weapon: King Scepter. Mimic King Knight as you dash around and bounce on your enemies' head.
    • New Shovel Knight Outfit.
  • Hotline Miami
    • New Brutality/Survival Weapon: Baseball Bat. Attack a stunned or rooted enemy to deal flashy critical damage.
    • New Modernized Bomber Outfit.
  • Katana Zero
    • New Tactic/Survival Weapon: Throwable Objects. Pick up whatever you can find on the ground and chuck it at your foes with all your strength!
    • New Zero Outfit.
  • Risk of Rain 2
    • New Brutality/Tactic Weapon: Laser Glaive. Throw a seeking glaive that bounces up to a certain amount of times for a certain amount of damage. Damage increases by a certain amount per bounce.
    • New Commando Outfit.
  • Terraria
    • New Brutality/Tactic Weapon: Starfury. Each melee hit summons a star targeting a nearby mob. Make them rain!
    • New Familiar Outfit.
  • Slay the Spire
    • New Colorless Power: Diverse Deck. This one's a doozy to explain, bear with me here. The deck is composed of 4 different cards, each with a Draw, Passive and Discard effect. The current card has its Passive in effect permanently, press the power button again to Discard it and Draw the next one, triggering the corresponding effects.
    • New Ironclad Outfit.

6 new Lore Rooms, based on iconic in-game locations, to unlock the weapons!
6 new entries in the Mysterious Book to unlock the outfits!


  • Reduced modified Time Keeper's HP.
  • Balanced modified bosses' HP when at higher BC levels, by adding a life reduction of 5% per BC, from BC2 and onward (up to -20% in BC5).
  • Removed some mutations from Boss Rush :
    • Gastronomy
    • Alienation
    • Get Rich Quick
    • Midas Blood
    • Acceptance
  • Increased Boss Rush weapon level by +1.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash when entering the first door of Boss Rush.
  • Fixed the player not taking any damage when in Pollo Power.
  • Fixed being able to skip Concierge with Wings of the Crow.
  • Fixed Item Pedestals in Boss Rush sometimes not having the right color or gear level.
  • Fixed Queen sometimes being stuck after being attacked by turrets.
  • Fixed the Outfit Selection UI being broken on high resolutions.
  • Fixed Wish working on Hunter's Grenade or Blueprint Extractor.
  • Fixed Hunter's Grenade getting unwanted stat ups when killing a transformed enemy without using the Blueprint Extractor.
  • Fixed a crash when jumping on a Thorny with Porcupack and the Goomba Stomp affix equipped.
  • Fixed Tentacles attacking during Conjunctuvius' scream, in Boss Rush.
  • Fixed player taking damage when Queen destroys a deployable.
  • Fixed items from the Everyone is Here lore rooms not matching the current Major Forge progress.
  • Fixed the "Shoots an arrow" affixes displaying negative damage on certain weapons.
  • Fixed scarves and capes displaying behind props and NPCs.
  • Fixed a visual problem with the Nutcracker's animations.
  • Fixed the "+15% damage" affix not displaying in the DPS calculation.
  • Removed a small white line below some enemies' HP bar.
  • Fixed the Git Gud lore room not spawning enemies as intended when generating in Ancient Sewers.
  • Fixed Aspects not disabling Giant's Flawless Outfit.
  • Fixed Crowbar not getting crits when destroying a door with Lightspeed.
  • Fixed background tiles on The Crown not generating properly.
  • Fixed reforging modifiers on a two-handed weapon resetting its counterpart's quality level.
  • Fixed Hattori's Katana dash attack not scaling properly.
  • Fixed Challenge Rift portals visual glitch.