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This page lists every major version that has been released for Dead Cells, even ones made before the official release of the game.

This article only covers the release date for the PC version.

This page is no longer being updated. For the complete version history check out the official wiki.

Upcoming version[]

Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes
3.5 N/A The End is Near N/A

Full release versions[]

Version Development release Full release Name(s) Highlights and Notes

Version 3.4 N/A 27th of April 2023 Clean Cut Update
  • Added a new NPC who changes head to Bobby's and homunculus; some mutation rework and 2 new weapons; one mimic on random shop can be spawned; some legendary affixes rework.
Version 3.2 N/A 7th of November 2022 Everyone is Here Vol. 2
  • Crossover content with Terraria, Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, Katana Zero, Slay the Spire, and Risk of Rain.
Version 3.1 19th of September 2022 5th of October 2022 Boss Rush Update
  • New Boss Rush mode.
  • A new weapon, skill, and mutation.
  • Six new outfits.
  • A customisable statue.
  • New legendary affixes.
Version 3.0 6th of July 2022 3rd of August 2022 Enter the Panchaku Update
Legendary Update
  • Added Panchaku.
  • Added new Bobby Outfit.
  • Added crossover content from Soul Knight.
  • Reworked legendary items.
  • Added ability to pet pets.
Version 2.9 12th of April 2022 23rd of June 2022 Breaking Barriers Update
Accessibility Update
  • Accessibility settings to make the game more playable for players with disabilities.
  • Reworked multiple weapons and skills.
  • Lowered cell cost of gear present in the base game.
  • Added a no blood mode.
Version 2.8 9th of February 2022 30th of March 2022 Break the Bank Update
All You Need is Gold Update
The Bank Update
  • Added the Bank, as well as new enemies, weapons, and mutations along with it.
  • Reworked Vampirism.
Version 2.7 N/A 6th of January 2022 The Queen and the Sea Update
  • DLC compatibility update.
Version 2.6 N/A 22nd of November 2021 Everyone is Here! Update
  • Crossover content with Hyper Light Drifter, Curse of the Dead Gods, Guacamelee, Skul, Blasphemous, and Hollow Knight.
Version 2.5 3rd of August 2021 16th of September 2021 Practice Makes Perfect Update
  • Added the Training room.
  • Added Aspects.
  • Added the world map.
  • Added new outfits for defeating bosses without getting hit.
Version 2.4 26th of May 2021 10th of June 2021 What's the Damage? Update
Balancing Update
  • New combat rooms for Fatal Falls DLC biomes as well as the Derelict Distillery.
  • Major buffs to many items, and few nerfs.
  • Items that reflect grenades now do all grenades in range.
  • Improvements to mod support.
Version 2.3 5th of March 2021 30th of March 2021 The Whack-a-Mole Update
  • Three new weapons.
  • Three new mutations.
  • Malaise balancing.
  • New difficulty curve.
  • Permanent fix for all seed crashes.
Version 2.2 N/A 26th of January 2021 Fatal Falls Update
  • DLC compatibility update.
Version 2.1 3rd of December 2020 21st of December 2020 Malaise Update
  • Reworked Malaise.
  • Reworked the Backpack into a general upgrade.
  • Added a new weapon, enemy, and several Mutations.
  • Large-scale color scaling refocus.
Version 2.0 23rd of July 2020 11th of August 2020 Barrels o' Fun Update
Derelict Distillery Update
Version 1.9 28th of May 2020 1st of July 2020 Update of Plenty
  • Reworked and rebalanced many mutations, weapons, and skills.
  • Added Backpack.
  • Added shock debuff; reworked other DoT effects.
  • Gold scaling rework.
  • Removed stat boosts from items.
Version 1.8 25th of March 2020 22nd of April 2020 The Beastiary Update
  • Added 6 new enemies.
Version 1.7 N/A 10th of February 2020 The Bad Seed Update
  • DLC compatibility update.
Version 1.6 20th of December 2019 23rd of December 2019 The Legacy Update
Christmas Update
  • Access to all previous update versions on Steam.
  • New ice-based mutations and items.
Version 1.5 9th of October 2019 6th of November 2019 The Corrupted Update
  • Added the Corrupted Prison biome.
  • Added new general upgrades and mutations.
  • Level changes including addition of scroll fragments and reduced cursed chests.
Version 1.4 17th of July 2019 13th of August 2019 Who’s the Boss? Update
  • Several new enemies, weapons, skills, and mutations.
Version 1.3 7th of May 2019 11th of July 2019 Update the 13th
Fear the Rampager Update
Version 1.2 20th of February 2019 28th of March 2019 Rise of the Giant Update
  • DLC compatibility update.
  • Added Outfits.
  • Custom Mode is unlocked in the Ramparts instead.
  • Various new QoL rebalances, items, enemies, and general upgrades.
Version 1.1 8th of November 2018 22nd of December 2018 Pimp My Run Update
Custom Mode & Balancing Update
  • Added Custom Mode.
  • Removed enemy auto-scaling.
  • Cooldown reduction rework with new mutations that replaced old ones.
  • Various new QoL rebalances, reworks, additions, economy changes, difficulty changes, balance changes, etc.
Version 1.0 N/A 7th of August 2018 Release date Update
  • Added Lore.
  • Added Homunculus Rune.

Early Access versions[]

Version Release date Name(s) Highlights and Notes
Version 0.9 26th of June 2018 Mac & Linux Update
  • Added support for Mac and Linux.
  • Reintroduced the old pixel font as a setting.
  • Added mod support.
Version 0.8 6th of June 2018 Babel Update
  • Added official support for 8 languages.
  • Added support for Discord Rich Presence.
Version 0.7 9th of May 2018 Baguette Update
Back to the Roots Update
  • Cells invested at the forge now go towards increasing the drop-rate of a gear quality.
  • Added Legendary items.
  • Added the Blacksmith's Apprentice, which allows changing the affixes of a weapon and upgrading its quality.
  • Reworked Challenge Rifts.
  • Updated the game's UI.
  • Various balance changes, ecomony changes, etc.
Version 0.6 6th of March 2018 The Hand of the King Update
  • Added the Hand of the King as the final boss.
  • Added High Peak Castle.
  • Added a fourth Boss Stem Cells.
  • Boss Stem Cells are now dropped by the Hand of the King.
  • Added new weapons and skills.
Version 0.5 22nd of December 2017 The Foundry Update
  • Rebalanced the stats system.
  • Added mutations.
  • Added Boss Stem Cells, which are dropped by each boss.
  • Added the Blacksmith.
Version 0.4 14th of November 2017 Brutal Update
Version 0.3 17th of August 2017 Who's Your Daily? Update
Version 0.2 29th of June 2017 Hello Darkness My Old Friend Update
  • Added the Forgotten Sepulcher.
  • Added two new enemies.
  • Added new items.
  • Updated biome generation.
  • Updated the economy.
  • Language mods are automatically installed if available.
Version 0.1 13th of June 2017 Elemental Update
  • Added elemental gameplay mechanics like fire and oil.
  • Added new enemies.
  • Added the Scribe.
  • Added shop merchants.
  • Added achievements.
  • Added the ability to create language mods.
  • Changes to items, particularly shields and turrets.
Version 0.0 10th of May 2017 Early Access Vanilla
  • First public build.
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