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Wings of the Crow is a power skill which levitates the player some distance above the ground while raining down lightning on enemies below.


  • Special Effects:
    • Levitates the player above the ground and strikes enemies below the player.
      • Each enemy can be hit by at most one of each set of 3 bolts.
      • Using the skill again while in the duration will end it.
    • The player can drop onto the ground while in this state, giving them considerably faster run speed and roll range while removing the hitbox. They can jump to continue levitating again.
    • Dive slamming onto the ground strikes nearby enemies with a bolt of lightning, dealing much more damage than a regular dive slam.
    • Gives all of the player's weapons, melee and ranged, the ability to apply the shock effect to whatever they hit.
    • Inhibits usage of healing potions while levitating in the air.
    • The player's movement speed and rolling distance on the ground are increased while this item is active.
  • Tags: Ranged, HasDuration, Electric
  • Legendary Version: Cyclone
    • Forced Affix: Double Damage Free
      • "+100% damage dealt to enemies!"


  • This skill synergizes with auto-targeting weapons like Magic Missiles Icon.pngMagic Missiles and Throwing Knife Icon.pngThrowing Knife because of its ability to hover over enemies and attack out of harm's way.
  • Due to it's ability to increase movement speed it synergizes with weapons like Swift Sword Icon.pngSwift Sword


  • This weapon causes a bug on certain devices that greatly increases dash distance and hinders vertical mobility when V-sync is disabled.


  • 1.9: Now able to move up and down.
    • Now able to land and walk while active, jump to take flight.
    • Movement speed is increased while active.
    • Attacking enemies with weapons while active now inflicts shock damage.
    • Stomping and dodging no longer cancels the power, instead re-activate to cancel.
    • Stomping deals extra damage while active.
    • Rally effect has been removed.
    • No longer activates cooldown reduction mutations.
  • 2.9: Unlock cost increased from 60 cells to 70.
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