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Yeeters are enemies that only appear in the Dilapidated Arboretum.TBS They are exclusive to the Bad Seed DLC.


Yeeters are a unique enemy that has multiple different attacks that it uses based on its location in relation to the player and the neary environment. It primarily focuses on using ranged attacks to attack the player. It is unique that it will attack using nearby JerkshroomsTBS by throwing them at the player.


Rock Chuck

  • Description: Throws a rock at the player when they are on the same platform.
  • Can be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.
  • parrying the rock sends it back towards the Yeeter.




  • Description: When in close range, it will punch the player away. If there are spikes nearby, it will attempt to knock the player towards them.
  • Can be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled (not recommended).
  • The direction of knockback will be at a slight upwards angle if there are no spikes nearby



Chuck Jerkshroom

  • Description: When there is a JerkshroomTBS nearby, the Yeeter will whistle to the Jerkshroom to call it over, and then subsequently throw the Jerkshroom at the player, dealing substantial damage in a small area. The Jerkshroom can be thrown at the player through walls and floors, allowing the Yeeter to attack from afar.
  • Can be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.
  • This attack cannot be used if there are no nearby Jerkshrooms.




Despite their size, Yeeters can be killed quite quickly with the right gear. Their attacks are heavily telegraphed, making it easy to evade anything they might try to hit the player with. The animation for the punch and the rock chuck are similar, however, so be aware of which move the Yeeter might be doing based on proximity. Parries allow for easy counterattacks, and rolling when far away can help close the gap needed for some weapons to kill them.


  • Much like Inquisitors, Yeeters will become aggressive in a wider radius than most enemies, including through solid walls.
  • A Yeeter was prominently featured in the Bad Seed DLC launch trailer alongside the new JerkshroomTBS enemy.
    • The Yeeter first appeared in the Bad Seed DLC teaser, once again alongside the Jerkshroom.TBS
  • Their name comes from the internet term 'yeet', roughly meaning 'to throw'.
  • On 4 BSC, these enemies will not teleport towards the player upon detection because part of their moveset relies on attacking from a different platform.


  • 1.7: Introduced.

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